SOFT  SKILLS / Benzene Hamburg / Laura Franzmann , Magdalena Los , Judith Kisner / 16 - 17 Dez 2017 Eröffnung 15 Dezember ab 19 Uhr / Rentzelstr. 36 - 40 / / grafiks by Natalie Andruszkiewicz




Art·Letter Home / Artist Manuscript Exhibition / Hangzhou , China, December 2017 / Manuscripts are the records of artists’ thoughts and imagination, which are also a part of their works portfolio. Moreover, manuscripts are notes and memos that carry painters’ innermost spiritual experiences and thinking patterns. Art manuscripts are more lively and closer to the thoughts and intuitions of artists, allowing us to discover the  intentions and thinking behind these artists’ works. In the field of contemporary art, artists worldwide have always been explorative, experimental, rebellious, and skeptical. Their manuscripts are full of passion, imagination, and various forms waiting to take shape, along with uncertainties and latent tensions, all of which will form the highlights and ceiling in the future of art development. The title of this year’s exhibition, “Art · Letter Home – Artist Manuscript Exhibition”, emphasizes the function, value, and charisma of manuscripts to young artists, regarding the “techniques and methods” of manuscripts as the most original, natural, and direct sources of art. In addition, it stresses the expansion and integration of the modern spirit of practice in painting with the traditional, and fully reflects a rich assortment of methods of creativity and multiple means of expression amongst painters in today’s era of “Multiple Types of Painting.” The exhibition is designed to pry into the uniqueness of artists’ manuscripts to discover the secrets of artistic creativity, seeking their artistic value and inspiration through their charm. Through three forms of artistic expression: paper manuscripts, sketches, and drafts and notes that show the process of creation, the unique and explorative, creative thoughts, as well as styles of artists can be presented. 



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