Coffee Painting Shower


Kunsthaus W139 Amsterdam, The Netherlands / 26 August 2017 - 1 October 2017 / With contributions from Fabian Herkenhoener, Judith Kisner, Lydia Balke, Paul Czerlitzki, Melle de Boer

At the end of a narrowing tunnel a surface of 400 m² has been turned into four wall paintings. This exhibition focuses on the presence and absence of the Painter a Persona, whose activity has an existential to manic dimension, that also always impends to become a state of aporia at the same time. Here, painting is not negotiated as a medium but as an indigenous form of existence. Just as a verbal language struggles for words, stutters, becomes repetitive and inconsistent or is stuck in interference, the conditions of a narrative of painting will emerge. Alphabetically coded characters – or at least their rudiments – are still visible and presage a common verbal narrative.// The initial symptoms of an alphabization are crumbling. As information is not forwarded by verbalization, it gets replaced by a rhythm of simplified universal codes, that enables a schematic narrative.// Abstracted patterns and icons make way for a symbolic narrative, which pretends to be decipherable by pictorial encoding, but withholds any legibility by tacitly grasping at nothing.// Finally all language gives in with the complete release of images and signs, as it remains only conjectural as traces of a possible or former narrative.// In all of these states the said-unsaid makes way for the inexpressible – but yet finds its way back to language.

( photography by Gert Jan van Rooij )